Blockchain 101

Webcoders have staff who have certification in blockchain technology to ensure that they can offer services in this technology. They also have hands on expertise & experience in using blockchain for real life projects using Node.js, Typescript and Ethereum.

Why is blockchain important?

At the highest level a blockchain is a trusted method to perform a shared business processes. By using blockchain technology, businesses can benefit from a more efficient transfer of goods and services that is secure and trusted. Current business processes are often costly, inefficient, slow and subject to security breaches or fraud.

For this reason Blockchain is rapidly becoming an important way to do business.

Webcoders can provide a one-day workshop on Blockchain 101 for you or your organization.
The success of Bitcoin and Ethereum has opened doors to the advancement of blockchain technology in mainstream projects. Big IT players such as IBM, American Express and Goldman Sachs have invested heavily in blockchain technology projects as have other small and large companies.

The Blockchain 101 course will give you a solid foundation on the fundamentals of blockchain and its practical applications. This is a hands-on course designed to help you understand the nuances of these cryptocurrency technologies and build blockchain based applications.

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