Pick Me Locksmith Adelaide website – SEO improvements

We have recently worked on the Pick Me Locksmith Adelaide website to make SEO improvements which has led to improved keyword rankings and traffic.

Pick Me Locksmith Adelaide www.pickmelocksmithadelaide.com.au is a 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith based in South Australia. They have over 30 years experience and Pick Me Locksmiths is the Number 1 provider of 24/7 Emergency Access, Car Key Replacement and locksmith services Adelaide wide.
Pick Me Locksmiths mobile workshops are kitted out with sophisticated computer diagnostic and digital key cutting equipment. From top of the line European cars, to electronic keying systems, most jobs can be easily completed within 60 minutes.
Car, home or office, Pick Me can provide you with quick and easy service 7 days a week.

Here is how we improved their website

1. identified improvements to their website structure so that it now uses Google SEO best practice
2. improved their current content and added new content for their keywords and target market
3. reviewed their external links being added by a overseas SEO company and found that these are a total waste of money
4. added external links to their website from websites who provide great links and high flow through traffic
5. took over running their Google adwords campaign to improve their keyword targeting and reduced the cost of running the campaign
6. worked with the owner on their marketing and advertising strategy

With these changes they have improved keyword rankings and higher traffic and reduced the costs of SEO.

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