Water Filter World – Search Engine Optimization improvements

We have recently worked on the Water Filter World website to make Search Engine Optimization improvements which has led to improved keyword rankings and traffic.

Water Filter World is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of water filtration systems and accessories. We provide water filters for home, commercial and recreational purposes direct to the public, allowing you to ensure your water is as safe and as pure as it can be. We have been supplying pure water for over a decade. We can provide you with all different kinds of water filters, parts and accessories: ask us about our reverse osmosis products. See their website at www.waterfilterworld.com.au

Here is how we improved their website

1. identified improvements to their website structure so that it now uses Google SEO best practice
2. improved their current content and added new content for their keywords and target market
3. reviewed their external links being added by a overseas SEO company and found that these are a total waste of money
4. added external links to their website from websites who provide great links and high flow through traffic
5. worked with the owner on their marketing and advertising strategy

With these changes they have improved keyword rankings and higher traffic and reduced the costs of SEO.

Webcoders understand that you want a effective search engine optimization service that only uses valid techniques and at a affordable price.

We will review your website and identify improvements to its structure, content, links, paid advertising campaigns and your competitor websites.

Our aim is to improve your keyword rankings and increase traffic to your website as well as improve your online sales.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the act of making one’s website content more search engine friendly. This allows the search engines to correctly find, index and rank your websites and increase the visibility of your website for your keywords.

By improving your SEO you will have a higher ranking for your keywords in the major search engines and this will bring more traffic to your website.

Having effective SEO is essential for your website and your website needs to be setup correctly so that it follows the SEO best practice guidelines.

What will Webcoders do to improve your websites SEO?

1. review your website and identify improvements to its structure and tags

2. review your website content to identify improvements and opportunities for additional content

3. review your external links and identify new link opportunities

4. review your social networking links

5. review your marketing activities

6. review your competitors

Read more about how we can help your website with our SEO services www.webcoders.com.au/seo

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