Actions for your ecommerce website in 2015

Here are the most important things that you should action in 2015 for your ecommerce website.

Smartphones for ecommerce websites

The growth of customers using smartphones has been huge and they are being used to access ecommerce websites especially late in the purchasing cycle eg when they are in a retailer and they are comparing competitor prices and deals. To take advantage of this you must have a mobile friendly version of your website as your current site will probably have problems when viewed on a mobile phone.

Social Networking for ecommerce websites

We all know of the huge growth in people using social networking. You need to go where the customers are and use this to grow your website traffic.

Security for ecommerce websites

You require effective security to prevent hackers from wrecking your website and to ensure that your customers have complete trust in your website.

Search Engine optimization for ecommerce websites

You need your website to rank as high as possible for keywords on the major search engines. Changes are made on a regular basis by the search engines to determine keyword rankings and this will impact on your website unless you have the correct settings in place.

Website design for ecommerce websites

If your website design is more than 2 years old then it is out of date and needs to be refreshed or you may even need a complete new design. The lifecycle of website design is quite short when compared to other forms of communication. Customers like using websites that provide a great experience and that are pleasing to look at – a poorly designed website is a bad look for your business.

Marketing for ecommerce websites

Your marketing plan needs to be changed to find effective ways to target your customers – focus your marketing on people who will listen to you and forget about the rest. Embrace the new methods of marketing through social media and email marketing to use your marketing budget effectively.

Stand out from your competitors

Be remarkable for your customers by giving them great products and service and get ahead of your competitors. The bonus is that your customers will spread the word about your business and bring in more traffic and new customers.

Getting these things right will increase your ecommerce website traffic and visitation and lead to more sales. So have look today at how well your website is performing for these issues and make the required changes for improvement.

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