Ecommerce website tips for small business

Does your small business need a ecommerce website or you may already have a ecommerce website and you want to improve it.

A ecommerce website is a great way to sell your products & services to your customers and to be able to attract more customers. Customers will expect that you have a ecommerce website and that it is easy to use. If you dont have a ecommerce website then you are probably missing out on new customers.

Here are our ecommerce website tips for small business.

1. find a good website developer who will work with you to create your ecommerce website or improve your website and can work with your budget

2. embrace social networking to promote your website. Its quite easy to use websites like facebook and twitter to engage with your existing customers and to gain new customers

3. organise your website content, product information and images so that they can be added to the website and make sure that they are high quality

4. decide which shipping and payment options that you will offer on your website and try to keep the shipping costs to a minimum or offer free shipping as this attractive to customers

5. test your website checkout process so its simple and review your content carefully before you go live

6. you need the following information pages on your website – about us, contact us, terms & conditions, privacy, shipping & payment conditions

7. search engine optimization is required so that your website ranks highly on search engines

8. create a marketing and advertising plan and allocated a budget – you need to promote your website because the internet is a large space and customers wont find you unless you promote it

9. use google analytics and other free reporting tools to gain valuable information about your visitors

10. listen to your customers and get to know who your customers are and what they are looking for so this can be reflected on the website

11. offer your customers great pre sales and post sales support

Follow our tips so that you have a successful ecommerce website for your business.

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