How to have a successful small business ecommerce website

Here are Webcoders tips on how to have a successful small business ecommerce website.

1. Know who your customers are and what they want so that you can target them

2. Provide a reason for visiting your site and to keep customers coming back

3. Find a good website developer who will give you a great website layout that has a good design and is mobile friendly

4. Its essential that you have good content and high quality images & photos – you should provide great information about your products and services

5. the online ordering & checkout system should be easy plus provide other ways that they can easily contact you

6. Use best practice search engine optimization on your website

7. engage with a wider audience by using social media well

8. provide great pre and post sales support

9. spend your marketing & advertising budget well and use paid adverts online as well as traditional media to promote your website

10. review your competitor websites so that you can use any of their great ideas

11. look for opportunities to increase traffic to your website – more traffic can lead to more sales

12. have a budget in mind for the website and spend it wisely

Small business can have a successful ecommerce website which will lead to more customers and sales and contribute to the overall success of your business.

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