What are the top 5 considerations in looking at designing a website?

Here are our top 5 considerations for the design of your website

1. first impressions are very important and so your website needs to have a great design, be pleasing to look at and easy to use. A customers first impressions of a website can determine whether they form a favorable or unfavorable view of your organization.

2. the website design must be responsive so that it looks good when you view it on a PC, tablet and mobile phone. Responsive website design provides an optimal viewing experience regardless of the device that you are using – easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling. In April 2015 Google made a change to their search algorithm to enhance the results of sites which are responsive and so having a responsive design is very important.

3. your website needs to have the following elements and features – your company logo, nice fonts and buttons, great images, good menus & easy navigation, good web page layout for content & products, call to action to purchase a product or contact your business, relevant information in the header & footer and a search function.

4. understand your customer needs so that the website is built for them and contains the most relevant information about your business and its service and products. The website design must be customer focused.

5. find a website design company that can work with you to deliver a great website and who understands your business and your customer needs and can provide a great website design that suits your budget.

If you get your website design right then customers will think favourably about your organization and will be more likely to use your products & services.

Webcoders are an Adelaide based web design & development company who have extensive experience with building websites.

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