Best practice for your ecommerce website

These are our best practice tips for your ecommerce website.

Website Design & Layout

You need a great design and layout for your website and make sure that you offer a responsive/mobile friendly version as well.

It should be simple to navigate around the website and to be able to get information on your products and services.
Your checkout process needs to be simple and clients need to be able to easily find & select shipping & payment options.

Content and Images

Your website content, product & general information needs to be written with great care and to focus on your customers needs. The images that you use need to be of high quality and to be created with the correct size and dimensions.


Your website needs to be secure from hackers as well as giving clients confidence that they can make purchases from your website and that their personal & financial information is kept secure.

Make your website sales orientated

Place call to action links on your site to encourage clients to make a immediate purchase
Give clients a reason to come back to your website on a regular basis
Add cross promotion product links or specials when clients are going through the checkout process to encourage them to increase the amount of their order

Search Engine Optimization

Ensure that the website is setup for google best practice guidelines so that you get high keyword rankings.

Social Networking & Links to your website

Add links to social networking websites and other websites which gives you better SEO and increased web traffic and visitors.

Compare your site to competitors

Ensure that your website is better than your competitors so that they buy from your website. Compare features and marketing activities so that you are matching your competitors and discover ways to improve your website.

Customer Service

Provide great pre sales and after sales service.

Marketing & Communication

Make your product information sales orientated and make sure that it encourages clients to make a purchase now.
Identify the people who care about your products and then target them with your marketing & sales and provide them with great products and service.
Take the opportunity to capture clients contact information so that you can send them newsletters and marketing emails.

Follow these tips on best practice to make a great ecommerce website.

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