Can I get a ecommerce website at a cheap price?

The answer to this is yes but it comes with the following warning – the majority of cheaply built websites have problems and this will damage your business.

Can I do it myself or get my friend/son or daughter etc to do it – this is usually a very bad idea? Anyone can download a design tool from the web for free and start to come up with a website – but it wont have all of the features that you need to get a ecommerce website up and running. I have met some business owners who have been able to build a good website themselves – but it took them a considerable period of time to build up their skills in website design and development.

Should I get someone who is overseas to build me a site for a few hundred dollars? Probably not is the answer – you generally get what you pay for. Problems can occur due to factors such as lack of understanding on what you want, communication difficulties due to poor english, poor quality work, no warranties or bug fixing, and delays with the delivery of the changes.

A website that has a poor design or doesnt work correctly will just alienate your customers and this reflects badly on your business. You will also waste your time and money if this happens.

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