The cheapest and quickest way to get a ecommerce website?

This can be achieved by using open source shopping cart software.

Open source means that you get full access to the source code and you can change and enhance your website as well. There are a large number of add-ons that can be added to your website as well.

The most popular are

Oscommerce – click here for more information

Zencart – click here for more information

Joomla/Virtuemart – click here for more information

Magento – click here for more information

Opencart – click here for more information

Prestashop – click here for more information

Many hosting companies have the most common carts pre loaded on their servers and so you can just install it. All you are paying for is the hosting and the time to setup the website.

If you want a cheap custom design for your website then there are a number of sites that sell templates at a reasonable cost – our favourite is – there is a large choice and its a quick and cheap way of getting a nice website design.

If you are after a custom website design then there lots of website designers that will create a design for your chosen shopping cart software or they may recommend one that they like to work with. This will cost more than a template site but you will get a better design and the chance to work with the designer.

We usually use oscommerce or zencart for our clients and can provide a template website, seo, full setup and hosting for 12 months and a 1 month warranty for $999 – we take the hassle out of setting the site up and can get a new site up and running within a few days.

If you are on a tight budget though you can try to do it yourself or find a designer/developer who will do it for a cheaper price.

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