How to choose a good and experienced PHP web developer?

Here are our tips in how to choose a good and experienced PHP web developer.

1. make sure that they are a good communicator and can they talk to you about technical issues in language that you can understand and will they give you regular updates.

2. check that they have the technical expertise and experience in PHP that you can afford – if you can only pay $10 per hour then you cannot expect to get a senior php developer who is charging $100 per hour – but you may be able to find a good developer who can work on your project who has less experience.

3. what other technical skills do they have – to deliver a website project they will need skills in some or all of the following website hosting, html, javascript, database development, social networking integration, ecommerce, payment gateways, SEO, API’s just to name a few.

4. what business skills do they have – all websites have a business goal and good developers understand your goals or can quickly learn. You dont want a technical guru who doesnt understand what you need or what you are trying to achieve.

5. can they provide estimates of effort to meet your project goals and can they stick to delivery timeframes.

6. have they taught themselves or completed a formal course such as university – I have found many developers who have taught themselves to be very good developers and its often their experience and knowledge that you need and not qualifications.

You may have some of your own criteria but we find that these are a good starting point in selecting a good and experienced PHP web developer.

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