Why the content on your ecommerce website is very important

Your ecommerce website content is a critical part of your website.

Make sure you have accurate and informative descriptions and images for categories, products and information pages on your website and make sure it includes the relevant keywords.

It is used by customers to understand your business and to inform them about your products and services. It needs to convince customers that they can buy the products that they want at the advertised price and that you will deliver on this.

Customers need to be able to trust your ecommerce website as this may be the only point of contact that you have with them. Content is one factor in establishing this trust as they read the information that you provide on your website.

Your content needs to be written so that it has compelling reasons for the customer to buy products now or to come back at a later time to complete a purchase. It is a challenge to attract new visitors to your website and then only a subset of these will make a purchase – your content can help to make the sale.

There also needs to be a balance – content can also purely provide information or education to the customer about your products or industry. This encourages customers to value your business and refer friends and sometimes you need to provide this information so that clients can get a understanding on how your products can help them. The more relevant content you provide gives you SEO benefits such as higher keyword rankings and encourages customers to stay on your website longer and to share it with their friends.

Your content is also used by the search engines to determine your keyword ranking (along with other factors). It needs to be structured correctly to maximise your keyword rankings. Recent changes by Google has strengthened the importance of content especially if it is unique.

If your content is poorly written then it reflects badly on your business and customers will be reluctant to buy from you. Take care when adding content – poorly written descriptions & bad grammar and spelling mistakes are not acceptable.

Customers will probably abandon your website or the purchase process if they experience poor content.

It can be a good idea to get a professional copywriter to help you with your content – this will ensure that your content tells customers what they need to know and be done in a way that enhances the sales process.

Take time to type, edit and review your content – its very important for your website.

You can also make use of reviews, testimonials, news, blogs & forums to add more content to your website and to give clients additional information. This also gives you more contact points with your customers especially through the most popular social networking sites and methods.

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