How does a ecommerce website work

A Ecommerce website is used to sell products or services on the internet through a website. It is built using computer software that allows the website to be accessed and used on the internet via a browser that is located on a customers PC, tablet or smartphone.

Here are some common core functions that we believe that good ecommerce websites should have :

For the Website Owner via a secure web page

1. Add, modify or remove product categories and products.
2. Add descriptions and images for the product categories and products.
3. View and edit customer information
4. Track, view and edit orders placed on the website.
5. Modify text or settings on the various web pages that customers can access.
6. Access reports on the website usage eg visitors to the website, orders place, products most viewed etc

For the Customer

1. View information web pages about the website eg About Us, contact details, payment & shipping options
2. Easily navigate the website using menus, lists and links.
3. View product category & product information
4. Select products and its options eg colour & size and place into a shopping cart
5. Review and amend product items that have been placed into a shopping cart
6. View the shipping costs and options for placing a order
7. View the payment options available for placing a order
8. Complete a order by selecting the required shipping and payment options.
9. Create a customer account so that they can login to their account to view order and contact information
10. Login web page to access customer accounts
11. Contact Us page so that customers can submit a online inquiry

The above features are required so that an ecommerce website will work correctly so that the customers can easily view products and place orders and the website owner can look after the website on a day to day basis.

There are lots of different types of ecommerce websites and companies that provide them and so you have a lot to choose from. All good software will have the features described above (or similar) and customers are familiar and comfortable in using ecommerce websites that provide these functions.

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