Why Ecommerce websites fail

Here are some common reasons why ecommerce websites fail.

  • Your website design and layout is poor
  • Your competitors websites are better than yours
  • You use a company that creates a website for you that is sub standard or very expensive
  • You use poor quality product images and your content is poorly written
  • Your checkout process is difficult and customers do not complete the purchase process
  • Your website doesnt have search engine optimization
  • You use a search engine optimization or social networking/marketing company that wastes your advertising/marketing budget
  • Your customer service for pre and after sales is not very good
  • Your shipping charges are high
  • Customers feel that there is no reason to return to your website in the future
  • You dont have a responsive website layout and it looks bad on tablets & mobile phones

You may only fail on one of these points but it will impact negatively on your website and you can end up wasting your money or have a website that doesnt make many online sales.

Successful ecommerce websites dont have these issues – check your website today to make sure that it is the best that it can be.

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