Increase traffic to your ecommerce website

You should always be looking for ways to increase traffic to your website. It allows you to sell your products and services to more potential customers and gives you the opportunity to increase your contact list. Word of mouth also increases as some of these visitors will refer friends to your site if they like your website. You have also invested time and money into your website and so you want to maximise the return.

Here are the priority areas that you should check each time you do a review?

What is our web traffic and has it changed much over the last 3 months – how well do we rank on the search engines for our major keywords?

Do I offer customers the best experience possible when they use my website.

Is our content and product information as good as it can be?

How good is my search engine optimization on the website?

How effective is my paid per click & advertising?

How effective is our communication with our customers?

How well are we using social networking and are there new opportunities that we can use?

What are our competitors doing?

You should regularly review these as the internet is a dynamic and rapidly changing and evolving communication medium – what worked well in the past may not be effective now. Changes can then be implemented to increase your website traffic.

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