Integrating your ecommerce website with Ebay

You can sell on Ebay as well as your ecommerce website and the two can be integrated so that you can have shared inventory.

Many businesses either started on Ebay selling products online or run their own ecommerce website and use Ebay at the same time. By linking the inventory on both websites you can have greater control over your stock and sales tracking.

If you dont currently use Ebay and you are asking yourself is it worth it then here are some things to consider.

1. Ebay receives a huge amount of traffic each day and so it will introduce new clients to your business and products. This is one of its biggest advantages and gives you access to a lot of potential clients.

2. You can market your website through Ebay and attempt to attract new clients to your website as well as selling on Ebay.

3. The fees and charges can be expensive on Ebay and can cut into your margins.

4. There are a lot of scammers on Ebay and so you can find yourself subject to chargebacks, refunds and stolen items which can be frustrating and add to your costs.

5. The margins you make on auctioning items may be small due to a large number of competitors who sell the same or similar products.

6. Most people buying on Ebay want a bargain or to get a item at the cheapest cost. You may get a lot of sales but at a low profit margin. You can use buy it now listings to get the price that you need or a mixture of auctions and buy it now to try to get better margins.

It can be a good for your business to use Ebay and your own ecommerce website but beware of the pitfalls.

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