What makes a great ecommerce website

Here are the core components that successful ecommerce websites require

Select the right url for your ecommerce website

Your url is a important part of your business identity and branding plus there are huge benefits when it somes to search engine optimization.

A fantastic ecommerce website design & layout

Give your customers a enjoyable experience whilst they are using your website so that they stay on your site and become a regular visitor.

Security on your ecommerce website

Your customers needs to know that your site is secure and that their personal and financial information is safe.

Website Page load times on your ecommerce website

Pages need to load within 5 to 8 seconds and there are now some great visual features that can be used on your website that do not slow down the website page load times.

Great content on your ecommerce website

By providing content that is relevant to your target audience will attract visitors and keep them coming back. It also needs to be tailored to encourage customers to place a order.

Product details page on your ecommerce website

It needs to be structured correctly and provide all of the content, images and options that a customer requires to make a purchasing decison.

Check out and purchasing process on your ecommerce website

It must be easy and simple to ensure that customers complete this process. If this process is complex or confusing then you will get high drop out rates from the purchase process.

Integrate your social media and marketing on your ecommerce website

Your branding, logos &design, newsletters and marketing needs to be consistent across your website and social media – your content and message must be consistent across all your communication methods.

Search engine optimization on your ecommerce website

Once this in place you gain traffic for free due to your high rankings on the major search engines for your keywords

Smartphone and tablet friendly version of your ecommerce website is available

The huge growth in customers who own smartphones and use them to access websites means that you need a website that can be easily used on these devices.

Get your ecommerce website right

You need to select the right platform, website provider, hosting provider and support to ensure that your website runs smoothly and that when issues arise they can be dealt with quickly.

Once you have these in place you will find that your website traffic, visitation and sales will increase and contribute to success in your business.

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