The power of social networking for your ecommerce website

You can see the power of social networking for your ecommerce website by the following example.

One of our clients is involved in selling clothing to the 13 to 30 age group – their styles and brands are vintage and retro and their target market is quite specific – they need to be seen to offer the latest coolest and trendy clothes to be sure of getting traffic and sales.

Their website was running ok until a popular rock n roll band commented on their products on the bands blog website which has a huge following – the effect was immediate – they sold more products on the next day than they would in a week – the increased traffic didnt stop after that and they have been able to maintain this traffic through their marketing efforts as well.

The blog link was totally unsolicited – the band just loved their products and wanted to spread the word.

This clearly demonstrates the power of social networking. You should make every effort to use social networking in a positive way to help your business gain more traffic. With millions of people actively using social networking it means that you need to engage your target customers.
Successful social networking has a cascading effect on your traffic as customers share links to your site which brings in more traffic. These are new customers that you didnt directly engage with and you are benefiting from word of mouth referrals.

Review your social networking strategy today and start to harness the power of social networking for your ecommerce website.

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