Why you should review your competitors ecommerce websites

You should review your major competitors websites to compare it to your own website and see where they are performing better than your website.

You should ask your self the following questions –

Do they rank higher than us in search engines for our main keywords?

Are they using pay-per click advertising?

What is their social networking strategy and do they offer more than we do?

Do they offer a mobile phone friendly website that is high quality?

Is their website design and features better than ours and how are their products, images and content displayed?

What is the online shopping experience like?

Does their website have good search engine optimization?

What type of marketing do they do and does it seem to be effective?

Are they seen by the marketplace as a better option than our business?

By asking these questions you can find ways to improve your own website or establish that you are better than your main competitors in these areas.
Remember that change is rapid in the online world and you cannot remain static. You need to adjust to changes with internet trends and your target market requirements to ensure that your website is performing at its maximum potential.

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