Security for your ecommerce website

Your ecommerce website security is very important and needs to be checked on a regular basis.
If you’re security is poor then your website will be accessed by hackers and this can be a disaster for your business.

Why do hackers want to break into your website – here are some of the reasons.

To attempt to steal customer and credit card information.

To delete your database.

To use your site to send out spam emails.

To break your site or just show that they can break in.

Make sure that your passwords are complex eg a mixture of letters, number and special characters. A lot of sites get hacked because they guess your passwords.

Most shopping cart software providers updates when a issue arises – make sure you check this on a regular basis.

It gives you and your clients peace of mind to know that the website is secure. There is nothing worse that trying to use your website and see that it is broken – prevention is better than repairing your site.

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