Selecting the right images to use on your ecommerce website

Selecting the right images to use on your ecommerce website is important as you want your clients to have the best experience possible when looking at your website. It encourages them to spend more time on your website, buy products, become a regular visitor and share your website with contacts, friends and via social media.

Tips for images

Australian customers prefer images that look real and reflect true life situations
Dont use inappropriate stock images
Its fine to use people and expressing emotion
You can show body parts if its appropriate for the situation
Using animals is fine as well
Dont use images that are full black or white, contain too much contrast, use true colour, too loud, brash, cheesy or slick
They should reflect your target market interests and represent your business and products in a favourable and truthful light.
Use a professional to create your images rather than using poor quality images.
Use image editing tools appropriately

Specific tips for product images

Must be clear cut
Able to zoom in for small products to see the fine details
Provide multiple sizes- large, medium thumb and zoom where appropriate and 360 degree rotation
Use as many images as required to show the whole product and its features
Can show with a person or animal where appropriate
Make sure the product fills 2/3rds of the image
Use a neutral background with correct lighting
Keep logos and lable’s out of images – these can be added alongside or near to the product image and can be in a separete image

So spend time on selecting your images and editing them so that they look fantastic.
Great images will improve your website look & feel and significantly improve your clients experience.

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