Top marketing tips for your Ecommerce Website

Here are my top marketing tips for your Ecommerce Website.

1. check that your content is the best that it can be and that your images are good quality

2. make sure you have search engine optimization in place so that you have high keyword rankings

3. maximise the use of social networking links to your website and linking to and from other good quality websites

4. take every opportunity to link to your website eg through emails and print advertising

5. keep your client contact list up to date and send them newsletter or email communication on a regular basis

6. monitor the traffic to your website and know where it is coming from and how they find you

7. make sure you are getting a good return for your money on any paid marketing activities especially those run by external companies

8. check that any marketing companies or consultants that you use are up to date and experienced with ecommerce and current internet trends

9. all marketing activities need to be integrated to maximise its effectiveness eg if you send out a link in a newsletter to your clients make sure that any linked landing pages are working correctly and have the right content & images on it and that the traffic is monitored

Review your website today for these actions and do this on a regular basis. Effective marketing will bring in more sales and give you a good return on your investment.

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